Print & Pattern Design

Antlia, Spring Collection

Industry Expert

Sophie Palmer

Artist, Pattern Designer & Founder –


Design a repeat pattern that can be used across multiple products to promote a brand or collection. Create and

make a packaging solution that is actual size, fit for purpose and contains a printed product. 


The modern cycling brand want a new Spring clothing collection with something that is true to their brand image and uses similar colours. The collection based on the star constellation Antlia, ‘The Air Pump’, which is best viewed in Spring and is presented like a peak. The repeat unisex pattern has been inspired by chain mail and steel structures, a metaphor for strength, endurance and courage. The jersey is designed to stand out on the road, whilst the t-shirt offers style and comfort off the bike. The package has been created to hold either top garment and manifests the premium and quality brand, whilst also adding a pleasant user experience.